We create innovative health communication interventions

At the Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR), we specialize in helping researchers create innovative, web-based health interventions. CHCR is a shared resource of the Rogel Cancer Center at Michigan Medicine. We prioritize projects that focus on cancer prevention or improving cancer care and outcomes. We strive to be partners in the research process from as early as pre-grant planning all the way through post-intervention dissemination. 

A team of experts

Our team includes health researchers, project managers, software engineers, designers, and behavioral scientists. We offer unique insights and solutions based on our extensive experience with research-based website and app development. We can help shape your vision into a practical, innovative, and creative research intervention.

Our multidisciplinary team can help you develop a customized intervention that is designed specifically for your research population. We will help you choose the most appropriate communication channel for your intervention such as chatbots, text messaging, tailored messaging, or visual content. 

 In addition, we will also help you:

  • Brainstorm ideas (pre- and post-funding)
  • Conduct usability testing using CHCR’s umbrella IRB
  • Develop and program surveys
  • Write tailored educational content
  • Collect and manage data on secure servers
  • Design and build research tools including study dashboards
  • Gather the information you need for publications

Learn more about us

Over our 25-year history we have partnered with over 150 researchers and created over 100 custom interventions. Check out our project history here.

Check out our Featured Work section to see the kinds of projects we have been working on.