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Social support and peer norms scales for physical activity in adolescents.

Date: November 1, 2014

Journal: American Journal of Health Behavior (Am J Health Behav)

PubMed: 25207514

Ling, J., Robbins, L.B., et. al. (2014) "Social support and peer norms scales for physical activity in adolescents." Am J Health Behav 38(6):881-9.



To evaluate psychometric properties of a Social Support and Peer Norms Scale in 5th-7th grade urban girls.


Baseline data from 509 girls and test-retest data from another 94 girls in the Midwestern US were used.


Cronbach's alpha was .83 for the Social Support Scale and .72 for the Peer Norms Scale, whereas test-re-test reliability was .78 for both scales. Exploratory factor analysis suggested a single factor structure for the Social Support Scale, and a 3-factor structure for the Peer Norms Scale. Social support was correlated with accelerometer-measured physical activity (r = .13, p = .006), and peer norms (r = .50, p < .0001).


Both scales have adequate psychometric properties.


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