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Research with families facing cancer: the challenges of accrual and retention

Date: May 6, 2006

Journal: Research in Nursing & Health (Res Nurs Health)

PubMed: 16676337

Northouse, L. L., T. Rosset, et al. (2006). "Research with families facing cancer: the challenges of accrual and retention." Res Nurs Health 29(3): 199-211.


The purposes of this article are: (a) to describe and analyze the accrual and retention patterns in a longitudinal randomized clinical trial with prostate cancer patients and their partners, and (b) to discuss strategies that were used to overcome challenges in conducting this family-based study. Initially, 429 dyads were referred to the study. Of these, 166 were not enrolled due to refusal (n = 120) or ineligibility (n = 46), 21 of whom did not meet one or more of the inclusion criteria, and 25 of whom could not be reached within the 2-month window of eligibility. Of the 383 eligible dyads, 263 dyads were enrolled (enrollment rate of 68.7%). Accrual and retention patterns differed by research site, referral procedures, and phase of prostate cancer. The retention rate was very good with the majority of dyads (n = 218) completing all three follow-up assessments at 4, 8, and 12 months (82.9%).


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