Tiny Cargo, Big Deal!

This study aims to test and compare two methods for educating parents/caregivers of children ages 6 months to 10 years about child passenger safety. The study will help determine how best to deliver this information in a way that appeals to parents/caregivers.

Over the course of 1 year, participants receive 8 requests to share pictures of their child as they usually ride in cars with the research team via text message. There are also 2 in-person visits with the research team to assess the appropriateness and fit of the child's current vehicle restraint.

Administrative Dashboard

CHCR created an administrative dashboard that allowed the research team to manage study participants, as well as handle the complex process of photo request submissions, organization, and replies. The dashboard shows a comprehensive participant list with study status and upcoming events for each individual. Photo submissions are also logged in each participant’s record along with all other message history and ability to send custom text responses.

Car Seat Compass Website

CHCR also created the participant-facing Car Seat Compass website. This website included:

  • Tailored road map based on child’s height, weight, and age to give an accurate car seat recommendations
  • Car seat calculator to recommend a seat type based on child’s age and weight, with answers to common questions
  • Educational information about proper car seat fit, including diagrams and videos
  • Personalized summary and feedback based on survey data about child’s car seat