The SharES study recruited 700 newly diagnosed, early-stage breast cancer patients at 25 practices all over the US. Patients were given access to a mobile-responsive website that assisted in their decision to have a mastectomy or breast conserving surgery. Clinicians were given access to a clinician dashboard that provided the clinician with information about the patient gathered from the patient-facing website.

For this project, CHCR created a patient-facing decision aid, a clinician dashboard, and a study dashboard.


iCanDecide was the patient-facing educational component of SharES. It provided educational content including key facts about surgery, key facts about systemic treatment, emotional-self care, and genetic testing.

Clinician Dashboard

The Clinician Dashboard provided clinicians with information about their breast cancer patients to better equip them to help their patients make an informed decision about treatment. This was studied using a stepped wedge cluster trial.

Study Dashboard

The Study Dashboard allowed the SharES Research Assistants to perform key study tasks such as monitor enrollment and track incentives.

Puedo Decidir: Spanish Version

The patient-facing iCanDecide educational site was also offered in Spanish.