GIFT Pilot

Some families are at a higher risk for cancer because of changes or mutations that can happen to certain genes. In these families, it is important for family members who are closely related to a person with cancer to consider genetic testing to learn if they do or do not have an increased genetic risk for cancer.


The Genetic Information and Family Testing (GIFT) Study is designed to:

  • Help families with a history of cancer more easily share important health information about hereditary cancer risk
  • Help interested family members get genetic testing for cancer risk

The GIFT Study includes two groups of people:

  • Men and women who were diagnosed with selected cancers in 2017 and who had genetic testing and were found to carry a gene variant that increases cancer risk
  • Their closely-related biological (blood) family members

Participants receive access to a secure website with personalized information about genetics, genetic cancer risk, and how genetic testing can be helpful to their family. A Family Health Navigator is available to help with outreach to family members and to answer questions. Participants in the “closely-related family members” group can opt to receive home-based genetic testing for cancer risk through the study.

Genetic testing services for the GIFT Study are provided by Color Health. The genetic testing process can be done entirely from home and involves spitting into a tube and mailing it back to the Color laboratory for processing. Color will provide results electronically along with access to a licensed genetic counselor to discuss the test results.