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This study translates a paper-based preference-screening tool into a web-based preference-tailored intervention that is effective for increasing informed decision making (IDM) and compliance with colorectal cancer (CRC) screening. The computer-based preference tool is used in clinical settings to help low-risk individuals decide which of five CRC screening tests best fits their preferences. By helping them choose which test to take, we hope to increase CRC screening rates.


Aim 1. Translate a paper-based CRC screening information sheet and preference assessment tool currently being used among primary care patients to a more user-friendly, easy-interface medium, specifically a tablet PC with Web capability.

Aim 2. Pilot test the new tool/format (preference-based tool) among 20 primary care patients with diverse race/ethnicity and literacy levels.

Aim 3. Prepare an NCI R01 application to conduct a randomized controlled trial of the new preference-based tool versus usual care for increasing: a) IDM about CRC screening; and b) completion of CRC screening.


Eleven individuals who are part of the Ann Arbor Veteran Affairs (VA) Healthcare System, between 50-79 years old, have never been screened for CRC or are out of date for CRC screening, have no personal history of CRC or colon polyps, and have no family history of CRC.

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