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Breast Cancer Informed Consent


This project aims to create an updated, user-friendly information booklet about breast cancer treatment options. The booklet, "Breast Cancer: What you need to know before treatment" is out of date and text heavy. Based on the Public Act 195 of 1986 that requires physicians to distribute this booklet to newly diagnosed breast cancer patients, it is necessary to update the booklet to reflect the current state of treatment options to help each person make the best treatment choice for themselves.

*NOTE: The booklet was used for many years by the Michigan Department of Community Health, but is now out of circulation and not available to the public anymore.


Aim 1. Create booklet layout, incorporate draft content and develop illustrations.

Aim 2. Use focus groups to provide feedback on draft booklet.

Aim 3. Revise booklet as needed, print and deliver final booklet, as well as booklet order form, for distribution to MDCH, BCAC, and MCC.


Individuals who have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer.