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THeME Non-responders


The web is an attractive option for the implementation of surveys, but it suffers from potential limitations, including non-response. This study's primary goal is to identify ways to reduce non-response, attrition, and missing data for web surveys in parallel with the core research activities of the CECCR Research Projects.


This study manipulates ways to increase survey responses through incentives, content of the invitations, design of the opening page, motivational messages to reduce missing data, timing and framing of reminders, and other factors related to the content of the surveys themselves.

Because web data collection involves a low per-unit cost as well as a viable means of implementing complicated designs, results from this study will have major benefits both for the CECCR Research Projects and for the broader health research community.


Seven hundred non-respondents of a 12-month follow-up survey to an online weight management program were contacted for this study. All participants were members of the Kaiser Permanente health care organization.

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