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Web Scatter


Many users find it difficult to find comprehensive health information because the information, even for narrowly well-defined topics, is highly scattered across websites with no page or site containing all the relevant information.

This study enables us to: (1) deepen our understanding of why users find it difficult to find comprehensive information about healthcare topics, and (2) provide explicit guidelines for how pages in healthcare websites should be linked to enable users to easily navigate through the site, with the ultimate goal of facilitating the process of finding comprehensive information.


Aim 1. Collect data on general, specific, and parse pages and their links through the use of an automatic web crawler, database, link-traverser, and visualizer.

Aim 2. Analyze the data to understand the link structure between general, specific, and sparse pages within each of the top-10 sites with melanoma information.

Aim 3. Report the results and implications for the design of healthcare websites.


None. This study involves the analysis of website content.

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