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Forever Free


This developmental project tests the effects of expert vs user tailoring and rich vs poor graphical treatment in a brief web-based smoking cessation and relapse prevention intervention. The site's content is based on a series of booklets called Forever Free, developed by Dr. Thomas Brandon at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. The project is an adjunct to Phase I of Project Quit and is offered to Project Quit participants at the end of that study's 6-month follow-up.


Aim 1. Screen and identify factors influencing cessation among participants who completed a web based smoking cessation program.

Aim 2. Identify best sequence of treatments for the combined Project Quit/Forever Free Study.

Aim 3. Identify how graphical presentation (is it better for the visual graphics to be rich or poor?) and tailoring locus (is it more or less useful to have a librarian to help you decide - expert tailored - which booklets are best for you?) affect cessation results.


Four hundred sixty seven people recruited from the Project Quit Phase I study. Participants agreed to stay involved in the study for an additional 6 months.

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