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This project strengthens and improves an existing tailored interactive Internet-based multimedia self-help expert system smoking intervention (Adolescent Smoking Health Education Source - ASHES) and evaluates its effectiveness in a large school-based trial among middle school students in grades 6, 7 and 8.


Aim 1. Design and program a tailored interactive self-help smoking prevention and cessation expert system for the target audience.

Aim 2. Field test students' reactions to the anti-smoking expert system in a school setting.

Aim 3. Strengthen and improve the existing tailored intervention for adolescent smoking prevention and cessation implementing the intervention among a large number of middle school students.

Aim 4. Evaluate the effectiveness of the tailored intervention compared to the non-intervention condition.

Aim 5. Examine new feedback components of the tailored intervention.

Aim 6. Prepare the tailored smoking education program to be integrated into the Michigan Model.


Twenty-seven middle school students to participate in the ASHES focus group.

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