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The Alzheimer's Awareness Channel


This project aims to develop, implement, and evaluate an innovative kiosk-based multimedia educational outreach program to increase knowledge of Alzheimer's disease among the public.


Aim 1. Conduct focus group interviews to assess the types of information about Alzheimer's Disease (AD) that would be of greatest relevance to the general public.

Aim 2. Develop an AD channel as part of an interactive program that customizes and delivers content through the use of a computer kiosk.

Aim 3. Promote the use of the AD channel, particularly by underserved populations, through community-based advisory groups and media outlets.

Aim 4. Monitor use of the AD channel to determine usage rates, satisfaction levels, and demographic characteristics of users.

Aim 5. Assess the impact of the information disseminated via the AD channel on user's knowledge, attitudes and intentions to use diagnostic and assessment and community-based services by conducting focus groups and exit interviews.


Various focus groups and individual usability testers will be used during the development cycle of the AD channel. It will then be installed on all Michigan Interactive Health Kiosks in Michigan for the public's use.

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