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coloWeb (Ruffin)


This study tests the efficacy of a multimedia decision aid that addresses the facts and myths about colorectal cancer, identifies the risk factors for colorectal cancer, and reviews the options for colorectal screening. Work for the development on this web-based decision aid is based on results from the coloWeb (Katz) project.


Aim 1. Describe the range of methods or messages people who have not been screened would find useful in changing their behavior related to screening for colorectal cancer.

Aim 2. Develop web-based messages related to promoting colorectal cancer screening.

Aim 3. Describe the range of responses to these messages received from the target audience with respect to ease of use, understanding, change in knowledge, change in behavior, and perceived impact on the population.


174 rural/urban, Caucasians/African Americans over 50 and who have not completed CRC screening.

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