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The Michigan Interactive Health Kiosk Demonstration Project project involves creating and disseminating twelve multimedia health programs.  Collectively known as Health'o'Vision, topics include cancer prevention and screening, disease management, and general health practices to live a healthy life. Channels are created for both adults and adolescents. One hundred kiosks are deployed in a variety of settings throughout the State of Michigan for use by the general public.


Aim 1. Develop health promotion/prevention programs that customize and deliver information through the use of a computer kiosk, an interactive computer system. Topics include:

Aim 2. Deploy 100 computer health promotion systems in places that are highly accessible to the public, including populations at high risk for breast and prostate cancer, cigarette smoking, lack of childhood immunization, and childhood bicycle injuries.

Aim 3. Promote the use of the computer systems by underserved populations through the use of advisory and community groups and appropriate media channels.

Aim 4. Monitor use of the kiosks and develop methods to determine impact of the health promotion/prevention messages.


Residents throughout the State of Michigan.

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