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CISRC 5-A-Day Dissemination


The goal of this study is to run a pilot test to disseminate a successful CISRC Program Project intervention (tailored print materials for increasing fruit and vegetable consumption) within the NCI Cancer Information Service (CIS) 1-800-4-CANCER answerline.


Aim 1. Transfer all intervention products (e.g., tailoring engine with message library) to CIS Central Support (CISCS), which is the organization (under contract to the CIS) that implements the 5-A-Day intervention as a usual service program.

Aim 2. Train CISCS staff to implement the usual service intervention; beta test the intervention prior to dissemination.

Aim 3. Conduct a vanguard dissemination study of the 5-A-Day intervention involving six CIS offices nationwide.

Aim 4. Evaluate the intervention, focusing mainly on process evaluation and implementation fidelity.

Aim 5. Contingent upon the results obtained from the vanguard dissemination study, implement the 5-A-Day intervention as a usual service program within the CIS, coinciding with three (annual) national promotions of the 5-A-Day program.


1,022 individuals who call NCI's Cancer Information Service.

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