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Prevention Smoking in Jr. High School


The purpose of this project is to develop and enhance an effective and easily diffused Internet-based smoking prevention and cessation intervention for adolescents in a large school-based trial. Decreasing smoking rates among adolescents has the long-term impact of lowering the morbidity and mortality rates associated with lung cancer and other tobacco-related illnesses.


Aim 1: continue to strengthen and improve the existing web-based expert system intervention for adolescent smoking prevention and cessation by implementing the intervention among a large Michigan middle-school-aged population.

Aim 2: evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention compared to the non-intervention condition.

Secondary aims:

  1. compare the effectiveness of the intervention by gender and race.
  2. perform a process-to-outcome analysis to increase our understanding about differences between induced and secular smoking behavior changes in adolescents.
  3. collect data about feasibility, usability, and acceptability of the intervention.


21 middle schools (11 intervention, 10 usual care)

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