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Puff City I


The goal of Puff City is to develop and evaluate a multimedia, tailored web-based asthma management program to specifically target urban high school students. The program uses tailoring, in conjunction with theory-based models, to alter behavior through individualized health messages based on the user's beliefs, attitudes, and personal barriers to change.

The content of the Puff City computer program is based on recommendations for patient education made by the National Asthma Education and Prevention Program, and focuses on three core behaviors: controller medication adherence, rescue inhaler availability, and smoking cessation/reduction. The entire program is voiced over, to accommodate low literacy.


Aim 1. Develop a computer-based, tailored asthma management program for urban teenagers based on an existing model of a software system that corresponds to the core concepts of the transtheoretical model of change and the Health Belief model.

Aim 2. Implement an asthma intervention in urban high schools that will consist of access to the tailored software and the guidance of an asthma counselor for students with asthma.

Aim 3. Evaluate the asthma intervention program by conducting a randomized trial to assess selected effectiveness outcomes and program costs.


314 urban high school students (grades 9-11) who have asthma-like symptoms in six Detroit area high schools.

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