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Project Quit


Project Quit is a web-based program to help individuals who are in the "Preparation Stage" (ready to quit smoking within 30 days) to quit smoking. The overall goal of the study is to identify optimal population-based health communications strategies tailored to specific characteristics of the individual. This project will focus on identifying and specifying active psychosocial and communication components or "factors" of smoking cessation interventions.


Phase I:

Aim 1. Using a fractional factorial design, screen for the effects of six potentially active psychosocial and communication components of web-based smoking cessation interventions: message content, message framing, exposure schedule, use of testimonials, and message source.

Aim 2. Investigate how psychosocial and communication component effects are moderated by relevant characteristics of the individual (e.g., stage of change; baseline level of motivation and self-efficacy; barriers, need for cognition; health locus of control; and socio-demographics and health status).

Phase II:

Aim 1. In follow-up experiments with a new sample, refine our understanding of how the active psychosocial and communication components identified in Phase I influence the primary outcome variables by manipulating factor levels and factors related to the screened component.

Aim 2. Refine and further explore root causes for promising interactions between psychosocial and communication components, and specific individual characteristics.


4,000 smokers in 3 Cancer Research Network HMOs

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