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Breathe New York


This project improves two fundamental aspects of population-based smoking cessation programming: reach through a media campaign encouraging use of a cessation program and efficacy through a web-based smoking cessation intervention. This project evaluates, understands, and optimizes the use of an email media campaign and web-based smoking cessation intervention component that could be distributed at modest cost to other states and countries.


Media Component (Reach)
Aim: Develop and pre-test an email media campaign to increase enrollment in a web-based smoking cessation intervention. The email media ad sets include: (1) negative affect image, (2) negative affect image title, (3) positive affect image, and (4) positive affect image title. Negative and positive affect messages will be designed to induce a similar, high level of emotional arousal.

Cessation Component (Efficacy)

To compare the relative effectiveness of varying email messages to prompt enrollment in a free, evidence-based stop smoking service offered by the New York State Smokers Quit-Line. Public response to the email campaign is observed through aggregate, de-identified data indicating a) how many people open the emails, and b) how many people click the link on the email and are re-directed to where they can register to receive free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT).


800,000 smokers from the state of New York recruited through our media campaign

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