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Approximately 40% of obese patients with breast cancer undergoing chemotherapy receive reduced doses of chemotherapy despite nearly two decades of evidence supporting full weight-based dosing. This project aims to share evidence that supports full dosing for obese breast cancer patients with physicians.


Aim 1: Investigate knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs of oncologists associated with reduced versus full weight dosing in the treatment of solid tumors in the curative setting.

Aim 2: Provide tailored feedback to oncologists about optimal dosing of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer.

Aim 3: Assess the effect of this intervention on improvement in full weight dosing of adjuvant chemotherapy for breast cancer, and effects on changes in use of full weight dosing for other solid tumors. The data from this developmental project will be used to generate pilot data for an R01 application.


Medical oncologists who are members of the Michigan Cancer Consortium and who treat breast cancer patients

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