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This project expands the existing MPOWER text message library to include 

New messages are tested with focus groups before use in the program.


Aim 1. To develop tailored messages on six weight-related target behaviors, to be sent to the mobile phones of obese adolescents as an adjunct to an intensive multidisciplinary weight management program.

Aim 2. To evaluate the acceptability and relevance among adolescents in a weight management program, of specific types of tailored messages that emphasize personalization, feedback and content matching.

Aim 3. To test under field conditions the feasibility and acceptability of using a computer application to automatically deliver tailored messages to adolescents in a weight management program.

Aim 4. To pilot test the intervention developed through Aims 1-3, to assess its impact on adherence, attrition, [and BMI] among adolescents enrolled in a weight management program, as well as its cost-effectiveness.


Newly enrolled participants in the MPOWER program offered through the Pediatric department (13-17 year old English speakers with a BMI in the 95 percentile or higher)

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