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CanSORT - CancerDoctorsLikeMe


The goals of the study are to collect pilot data on provider-patient interactions around contralateral prophylactic mastectomy (CPM) for breast cancer surgeons and risk of recurrence for medical oncologists. We used a web intervention to present population-based data and patient-centered communication techniques to doctors. 


Primary Aims

We will disseminate survey data collected during a previous phase of research.

 Secondary Aims

Participants will demonstrate an increase in patient-centered communication skills post-intervention, as compared to baseline assessment.


This first phase of the pilot study enrolled 82 breast cancer surgeons during a conference in April 2016.

The second phase of the pilot study will enroll medical oncologists during a conference in September 2016.

The third phase will enroll surgeons from LA Country and Georgia who participated in surgeon survey collection.

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