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CanSORT - Genetic Testing for Breast Cancer Patients


Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients face a series of complex decisions regarding their treatment. As part of the decision-making process, they may also consider whether to have genetic testing to learn if they carry an inherited gene mutation. 

I Can Decide: Genetic Testing in Breast Cancer is a patient-facing website that provides information about the recommendations for genetic testing, the different types of genetic tests for breast cancer, and the implications of the test results. The website asks patients about their personal and family risk factors as well as their interest in genetic testing and comfort level with possible uncertain results. This information is then used to provide tailored feedback about whether they should consider seeing a genetic counselor.


This pilot study will determine the usability of the website. Findings will be used to make refinements and incorporate the information into the larger I Can Decide website.


Newly diagnosed breast cancer patients at several clinics. 

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