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Project Quit Plan Z


This project explores the psychological processes underlying how valence of images in anti-smoking advertisements influences uptake and follow through for a smoking cessation program. Specifically, we seek to investigate whether self-affirmation or exposure to different types of images (positive images (e.g. images of health, happiness) or negative images (e.g. images of death, sickness)) are more likely to effectively change attitudes towards smoking and increase motivation to join and complete a smoking cessation program.


Aim 1: Determine if affirmation increases the uptake of an offer of joining a stop smoking program.

Aim 2: Determine if image type (positive vs. neutral vs. negative) increases the uptake of the stop smoking program offer.

Aim 3: Determine whether there is an interaction between image type and affirmation in people’s willingness to join a stop smoking program.


Participants for the study are recruited from an online subject pools maintained by Survey Sampling International (SSI). SSI pre-screens participants to identify current smokers ages 18 and up, and those participants will be invited to enroll in our study.

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