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Mobile Dad: A technology application to enhance father engagement


Our long-term goal is wide-scale dissemination of a mobile application that is highly usable within the USAF context and is tailored to USAF fathers of young children. We use the term “father” in the broadest definition to include biological, adoptive, and step-fathers as well as father surrogates. The objective of this proposal is to provide a demonstration that a smartphone-based approach with a sound conceptual base and documented effectiveness can be adapted to the specific needs of USAF fathers. The rationale for this proposal is that a smartphone application, called Mobile Dad Baby Book (or Mobile Dad for short), is responsive to mobility demands faced by USAF personnel. Further, it provides a highly cost-effective method for delivering parenting support for all fathers within the USAF context whether they are active duty USAF or non-USAF personnel acting as a caregiver while their USAF spouse/ partner is deployed.


Aim 1: Develop a highly interactive smartphone app that combines baby book features with parent education.

Aim 2: Field test Mobile Dad to refine the app's function and content.

Aim 3:
Field test Mobile Dad to determine effectiveness.


This study recruits a representative sample of 200 USAF fathers and mothers, including active duty personnel and their spouses/partners.