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This study addresses critical gaps in cancer symptom management through the creation of a mobile chemotherapy symptom management application. The MyChemoCare application proactively assesses for the presence and severity of common chemotherapy side-effects and provides personally tailored feedback via daily SMS text messaging to enhance patient mastery in symptom self-management.


1. Test the ability to recruit and retain patients with colon and rectal cancers receiving chemotherapy into an 8-week trial of using a tablet-based application (app) called MyChemoCare. This app asks participants to report on the most common symptoms experienced with chemotherapy and provides evidence-based self-management strategies for these symptoms. 2. Measure patient use and usability of the MyChemoCare application to refine study protocol in preparation for an RCT of this application in the cooperative group setting. 3. Describe clinician compliance with the study protocol, acceptance of the system and identify barriers to future research and implementation of the mHealth chemotherapy symptom management application. 4. Evaluate the usefulness, satisfaction, and degree of mastery of patients using the mHealth chemotherapy symptom management application.


This study uses a sample of 60 patients with GI or lung cancer followed over 8 weeks and recruited from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center (UMCCC).