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Social & Cognitive Neuroscience Core (CECCR2)


Ultimately, the goal of CECCR2 aims to understand why and how communication affects health-related behavior and decision making. Specifically, we want to know how tailoring communication by specific individual characteristics influences subsequent health behaviors.

For example:

A significant obstacle to answering these kinds of questions is that health-related decisions can have many different causes; and these causes can be difficult to disentangle using purely behavioral measures. We therefore want to incorporate measures that begin to address the underlying neural and cognitive mechanisms that give rise to the observed behaviors.


The Primary Aim of the Social and Cognitive Neuroscience Core is to provide the capability to use functional neuroimaging and eye tracking to explore biological and cognitive mechanisms underlying behavioral change and decision making. Eventually this work could lead to more precise "neural pretesting" that maximizes the effectiveness of intervention messages.

We want to provide expertise, train new people so that the expertise is expanded within the research community, and provide the facilities necessary to perform state-of-the-art studies. In the marketing field, this area is termed “neuromarketing,” and is increasingly being employed in the private sector by major advertising companies.


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