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Tailoring Technology Core (CECCR1 and CECCR2)


The primary purpose of the Tailoring Technology Core (TTC) is to design, develop, pretest, and implement the tailored intervention systems required for all CECCR Research and Developmental Projects. Consolidating these task into a central core offers several advantages.

First, the TTC organizes resources for more cost-effective production of tailored interventions for each of the Projects. TTC programmers use a common robust tailoring system for all Projects. Instead of building each Project’s interventions individually, from the ground up, TTC builds each one from an existing foundation that has been refined over several years, and then adds the appropriate assessments and content, modifies tailoring algorithms, and applies any special features.

Second, the multidisciplinary organization of personnel within the TTC allows us to more efficiently explore new directions in advanced communications technologies. The close interaction of a broad set of expertise allows us to generate more relevant, robust tools for tailored health interventions. This synergy is demonstrated by the Center’s development of a re-usable tailoring system for both web- and print-based health interventions. Developed and enhanced over the last decade, this system embodies our significant experience conducting cancer prevention and control research applied to an extremely wide range of populations, settings, health topics, and advanced communications technologies.

Third, Projects benefit from standard technologies, as well as active sharing of knowledge from a variety of disciplines and perspectives. For example, Tailoring Core members, working on all three Projects, identify best practices in tailoring algorithms used in one Project and suggest these practices to other investigators. Similarly, content and theoretical applications used in one Project are applied by the same behavior science staff in the Tailoring Core to other Projects. Specifically, it allows the use of common assessments, theoretical message composition, and graphics as empirical knowledge is gained.


The rapid development of interactive communications technologies empowers increasingly sophisticated, broader-reaching, and economically viable interventions tailored to the specific health needs and interests of the individual.

The Tailoring Technology Core (TTC) supports the CECCR2 through the following aims:

  1. Assisting all CECCR Research and Developmental Projects with a technological analysis of their tailored interventions and related assessments;
  2. Developing, deploying, and maintaining high-quality tailored print- and web-based interventions for each Research and Developmental Project of the CECCR;
  3. Disseminating software and knowledge of tailored health interventions to researchers, practitioners, other NCI Centers of Excellence, and other parties interested in tailored multimedia and cancer communications.
  4. Organizing the multidisciplinary staff and technical resources into a unified, cooperative Core enables the Center to develop and implement interventions in a more effective, efficient manner.


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