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My GI Health


Gastrointestinal (GI) illnesses are highly prevalent and expensive conditions. The goal is to develop and validate an evidence-based tool to assist clinicians in diagnosing, educating, and managing GI patients within the context of everyday practice. The MyGIhealth platform includes a new GI review of systems questionnaire that is administered through electronic portals (including personal computers and tablet devices) to collect, categorize, and interpret GI symptoms in a uniform and clinically useful manner. MyGIhealth is designed for use within everyday practice to help clinicians perform assessments and provide tailored feedback to their GI patients.


CHCR has prime responsibility for developing educational materials for patients and for physicians. The materials are hosted on a website that can be accessed by the patient at home or via the UCLA provider interface in clinic. The website includes plain language explanations (via text and animations) of the 8 symptom areas and their causes.


Clinic patients at UM and UCLA.

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