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Streamlining Cancer Screening Decision through Information Technology (SCanIT) aims to use information technology to link colorectal cancer (CRC) screening with health services at an integrated health system. The goal is to enhance informed decision making (IDM) for the patient and shared decision-making (SDM) between the patient and the physician.


Aim 1. Refine Colorectal Web to provide an additional process for the patients to request a home fecal occult blood test (FOBT) kit if they independently decide to have FOBT as the CRC screening option.

Aim 2. Extend the existing linkage between Colorectal Web and Cielo Clinic(TM) to include the integrated health system's lab and clinical information systems to streamline the home FOBT and office SDM processes.

Aim 3. Test the feasibility and process of this model on a small sample of patients within the integrated health system.


Twenty people from primary care practice clinics in St. John Health System, Michigan. Five patients each from the following groups: white men, white women, black men, and black women. Each patient is between 50 and 80 years old and has an upcoming scheduled health maintenance or chronic care visit.

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