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Breast Cancer Genetics Network Website Improvements


This study refines an existing Web-based, tailored decision aid for women at risk for breast and ovarian cancer. The existing educational materials are made more interactive, more highly tailored and personalized.


Aim 1. Refine and expand an existing website (, including the addition of a personalized risk communication module for women considering BRCA 1/2 genetic testing.

Aim 2. Test Web-based methods for presenting cancer risk information relevant to BRCA testing decisions and explore individual differences in response to a hypothetical BRCA testing scenario.

Aim 3. Using results from Aims 1-2, prepare an R01 application to conduct a multi-site RCT of the study website (vs. CD-ROM and usual care) for increasing patients' knowledge and decisional satisfaction, reducing patient cancer-related worry, and reducing provider burden.


One thousand six hundred women take an on-line survey of attitudes, beliefs, and intentions regarding genetic testing for breast cancer. Participants are recruited by purchasing an Internet sample from Survey Sampling International (SSI), a survey research firm that maintains a panel of more than two million members.

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