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Breast Cancer Patient Educational Tool


For the past decade there has been debate around whether mastectomy or breast conserving surgery (BCS) with radiation is the "best" treatment for early stage breast cancer. The goal of this study is to develop and pilot test an interactive computer-based decision tool for improving patient knowledge about breast cancer treatment, and help elicit patients' preferences for treatment characteristics.


Aim 1. Conduct group and individual interviews with breast cancer surgeons affiliated with the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) regarding the content and integration of the tool into clinical delivery systems.

Aim 2. Conduct group and individual interviews with diverse breast cancer survivors to obtain feedback on the content and type of information desired in making treatment decisions.

Aim 3. Work with the Center for Health Communication Research (CHCR) at the University of Michigan to develop an interactive, web-based decision tool for use in early stage breast cancer treatment decision-making.

Aim 4. Pilot test the decision tool in three practices in the Chicago, IL area and at the University of Michigan Breast Center to evaluate the content, look and feel of the tool, and the ability of the tool to influence knowledge and preferences.


At various stages, this study includes:

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