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Puff City II


This study builds on the success of Puff City 1 (PC1), an Internet-based, teen-focused asthma management program, and enhances the effects achieved in PC1 in several ways: 1) tests new theory- and empirically-based approaches to recruiting urban high school students, 2) enhances program content to address resistance to change and relapse, and 3) uses PC1 data to create participation and success profiles of the students who can then be differentially approached on the basis of these profiles in Puff City II.


Aim 1. Develop and pilot culturally-tailored and theory-based methods for recruiting urban teenagers into a randomized trial to evaluate an asthma management program.

Aim 2. Identify factors predicting sustained improvement, relapse, and resistance to change in Puff City I to guide modifications in Puff City II.

Aim 3. Develop and add Motivational Interviewing techniques based on Self-Determination Theory and Attribution Theory to address resistance to change and relapse.

Aim 4. Evaluate the Puff City II program using a randomized trial to assess efficacy and program costs, deploying recruitment strategies resulting from specific aim 1.


Five hundred high school students who have a diagnosis of asthma or asthma-like symptoms. Students from grades 9-11 will be recruited from six Detroit area high schools.

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