Project Overview +

Patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer face a series of complex decisions regarding locoreginal and systemic treatment. Currently many of these decisions do not meet the definition of a high quality decision, defined as one that is both informed (based on an accurate understanding of the treatment risks and benefits) and preference-concordant (consistent with the patient's underlying preferences). I Can Decide evaluates the impact of an innovative decision tool on locoregional and systemic therapy decision making for newly diagnosed breast cancer patients.

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Aims +

Aim 1: Evaluate the impact of an online decision tool on the quality of decision-making for locoregional treatment among newly diagnosed patients with early stage invasive breast cancer.

Aim 2: Evaluate the impact of the decision tool on the quality of decision-making for systemic therapy among newly diagnosed patients with early stage invasive breast cancer.

Participants +

Participants are 444 newly diagnosed patients with invasive early stage breast cancer, seen by 28-30 surgeons in two SEER catchment areas.

Intervention +

Patients are randomized to view our decision tool (I Can Decide). When people first enroll, they will move through an intervention focused on loco regional treatment (surgery and radiation) - 8 key facts about loco regional treatment, a preference elicitation exercise (conjoint analysis), and tips on communicating with their doctors. The 8 key facts are tailored on knowledge. A basic overview of each fact is presented, and then participants answer knowledge questions to determine with they understand the main point. If they do, they move on to the next fact. If they don't, they see additional information about the fact presented in a different way. After moving through the linear portion of the program, patients are allowed to view a more comprehensive website with details about breast cancer, treatment, and evaluative testing. Four weeks after enrollment, patients are invited back to view a similar set of components focused on systemic therapy (chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and Herceptin).

I Can Decide

07/01/2012 - 08/31/2017


National Cancer Institute

Principal Investigator:

Sarah T. Hawley, PhD, MPH