207 CHCR Tailored Interventions
(completed or in progress)
104 prevention
47 screening
77 treatment
14 survivorship
40 other
22 animation
116 Internet
34 mobile
40 print
52 software
33 video

University of Michigan Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR):

  • Designated a Center of Excellence in Cancer Communications Research by the National Cancer Institute
  • Conducting research in individually tailored health communications since 1995
  • Developed over 100 tailored research interventions covering an extremely broad variety of topics, audiences, settings, and technologies.

An Interdisciplinary Team Under One Roof

  • behavioral scientists
  • health counselors
  • software developers
  • media professionals
  • project managers
  • students

Most of the CHCR staff have worked together for many years, and have established a shared knowledge-base and language regarding tailoring technology and intervention development. The team's broad and deep experience in a wide range of disciplines fosters innovative ideas, creative solutions to obstacles, and unique perspectives.

Center Leadership

Lawrence C. An, MD

Lawrence C. An, MD

Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH

Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH
Founding Director

Kenneth A. Resnicow, PhD

Kenneth A. Resnicow, PhD
Senior Scientist


Administrative Team +

  • Coordinates all of CHCR's projects
  • Oversees budgets
  • Creates reports for funders and stakeholders

Team Members

Behavioral Science Team +

  • Develops the health content and assessments for the CHCR's interventions
  • Applies theories from public health, psychology, social work, and communication
  • Applies skills in tailoring, plain language, and motivational interviewing
  • Conducts focus groups, usability tests, and other evaluation activities
  • Designs study protocols for data collection and intervention delivery

Team Members

Creative Design Team +

  • Develops logos, layouts, and all graphical and photographic elements for intervention content
  • Creates animations and interactive components to demonstrate health concepts or processes
  • Produces video and audio segments for interventions
  • Conducts usability tests and other user-interface evaluation activities

Team Members

Project Management Team +

  • Coordinates the work of the Center
  • Ensures deadlines are being met and workloads are reasonable
  • Organizes meetings for Center projects
  • Works with study teams to ensure expectations are met

Team Members

Technology Team +

  • Designs and develops technical components for CHCR research
  • Provides application software and data management
  • Supports the technical infrastructure and operations
  • Offers advice and consultation on technological aspects of grant proposals
  • Develops reusable software for behavioral interventions
  • Researches emerging technologies to keep science on the cutting edge

Team Members