Project Overview +

The CISRC Tailoring Core develops the production system for the delivery of tailored print materials for the three CISRC projects: smoking cessation, colorectal cancer screening, and fruit and vegetable consumption.

Aims +

Aim 1. Provide technical assistance in developing the questionnaires, tailoring algorithms, and tailored content and graphics to each research project of the Program Project.

Aim 2. Assume responsibility for production and mailing of all tailored materials on the appropriate schedule.

Participants +

not applicable

Intervention +

The Tailoring Core provides the infrastructure for the three main projects for CISRC to be developed and disseminated. Members of the CHCR staff make up the core and develop the processes and procedures needed to complete the 3 main CISRC projects.

Findings +

For findings, conclusions, and publications related to any of the three CISRC projects, please choose the project you wish to learn about.

  • CISRC - Journey to the World of Fruits and Vegetables
  • CISRC - Guide to Colorectal Cancer Screening
  • CISRC - Calling It Quits

CISRC Tailored Message Core

09/01/1997 - 08/31/2001


National Cancer Institute

Principal Investigators:

Alfred C. Marcus, PhD
Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH