Project Overview +

This project aims to develop an innovative, interactive smoking cessation multimedia health education kiosk at several Voices of Detroit Initiative (VODI) clinic sites - serving the clients of VODI clinics.

Aims +

Aim 1. Modify an interactive smoking prevention/cessation educational intervention.

Aim 2. Install the program in kiosks at 12 Voices of Detroit Initiative clinic sites.

Participants +

Clients of VODI clinic sites.

Intervention +

VODI considers basic oral health to be a vital component of primary care. Through the kiosks, located in five to six VODI clinics, patients have access to health education information about tobacco, their health (including oral health), and cessation resources.

The information on the kiosks is adapted from the Smoking Channel, a topic included in the Michigan Interactive Health Kiosks. The channel currently helps users learn the affects of smoking, the benefits of cessation and a detailed plan for quitting. In addition to lung and heart risks, impacts on family and friends, finances, and pregnancy are explored. Updates to the smoking channel include providing local community resources available to VODI clients to help them quit smoking.

Before the tobacco education and cessation kiosk program is made available, the following steps are completed:

  • Make current "smoking channel" from existing kiosk program a stand-alone program by completing necessary content updates/revisions.
  • Assess VODI clinic locations for optimal placement and installation of kiosks.
  • Install kiosks at selected locations along with accompanying print materials (standard pre-printed brochures to be provided by VODI).

Findings +

This project was not part of a research study. There are no findings to report.

Conclusion +

Voices of Detroit Initiative (VODI): Kiosk

01/02/2001 - 09/30/2002


American Legacy Foundation

Principal Investigator:

Lucille Smith, MEd