Project Overview +

REACH is a variation of the existing CHAT software CD to make the simulation survey cover a broader range of benefit options beyond health care.

Aims +

The aim of this intervention is to reach to a broader population and to address a broader set of benefits areas using a variation of the existing CHAT exercise software CD.

Participants +


Intervention +

This intervention is an adaptation of CHAT CD, where in a variety of healthcare specific terms are substituted to be more generic, namely changing all occurrences throughout the application from:

  • health insurance benefits to benefits
  • health insurance to insurance
  • health benefits to benefits
  • health insurance plan to insurance plan
  • health care coverage to coverage

Findings +

When given a choice, low- income employees prefer benefits that offer:

  • Financial security when faced with sickness, disability, or retirement.
  • Flexibility in the workplace.
  • The opportunity for educational advancement.
  • Individuals understood that their economic status, personal lifestyle choices, and health insurance affect their health.
  • Individuals wanted their employment benefits to meet their needs.
  • Individuals wanted to participate in setting priorities for benefits and accept a benefits package that was designed with other employees.

Conclusion +

It is possible to design employment benefits that improve the health of low-income employees while including them in the design of their benefit packages.