Project Overview +

MeFirst aims to develop and refine a tailored risk communication intervention to improve HPV vaccination uptake in young adult women ages 18-26 when administered during a teachable moment. The teachable moment is a spontaneously occurring health event that serves as a natural educational gateway. 

The potential effects of this intervention on HPV vaccine utilization in a hard-to-reach age group enhances system-based interventions that can be more broadly applied or generalized to other health interventions targeted to young adults or other health settings.

Aims +

Develop, refine and test a web-based tailored risk communication tool targeted at improving HPV vaccine uptake in young women 18-26, a traditionally difficult-to-reach group.

Participants +

50 college-age women (age 18-26) seeking care at University of Michigan Health Services

Intervention +

This tailored, web-based intervention delivers information about what HPV is, who gets it, and the safety of the vaccine. It also reinforces some of the reasons participants give for wanting to get vaccinated. Participants also get feedback tailored to some of their main concerns. The program talks about cost, insurance, and what steps to take to get vaccinated. The intervention is designed to appeal to college-age women, and the statistics are targeted to 18- to 26-year-old women.

Findings +

Me First

07/01/2010 - 06/30/2011


The Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation

Principal Investigators:

Vanessa K Dalton, MD, MPH
Ruth C. Carlos, MD