Project Overview +

E2Coach uses MTS to optimize the learning experience in large gateway science courses. Each student is provided an individualized interface to their class, one that 

  • dynamically recognizes their strengths and weaknesses, 
  • understands their motivations, and 
  • coaches them through the course. 

All students are better served when we more thoroughly tailor the approach each takes to achieving their learning goals, both high-risk students and those who most easily master the material.

Aims +

Aim 1. Develop and implement an initial tailoring system

Aim 2. Launch system in an initial introductory physics tailored course

Aim 3. Enrich tailoring and conduct a robust test of tailoring impact

Participants +

850 students enrolled in introductory physics courses (Physics 140 and Physics 240) at the University of Michigan.

Intervention +

The program tailors on information from three sources: student academic records extracted from the University data warehouse, student surveys administered as part of regular coursework, and real-time records of student performance in each course.

All of this information is brought together in a MySQL database and used to feed the MTS tailoring engine and research on what's happening in the classes. This database is queried by the MTS system to generate tailored communications to each student.

Emails prompting participants to go to a website are sent at the first moment of the semester. Additional communications are sent before and after exams, or after significant events such as student requests for help or important shifts in the student's status within the course (missed homework assignments, substantial improvements in test performance).

The website offers advice, such as how to study differently, study groups to consider, and supplemental homework programs to use for practice.

Conclusion +

E2Coach - Tailored Physics Coaching

04/15/2011 - 07/15/2012


EDUCAUSE/Gates Foundation

Principal Investigator:

Timothy A. McKay, PhD


August Evrard, PhD
Victor J. Strecher, PhD, MPH