Project Overview +

Puff City is a successful asthma management program for urban teenagers in Detroit high schools.

This project allows us to make the most current version of Puff City available to anyone in the community with access to the internet.

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Aims +

Aim 1. Create a more disseminable version of Puff City which will include upgrading the content of the current program to use the recently released open-source Michigan Tailoring System, and adapting the Puff City controlling application to remove study-specific elements (e.g. control arms, baseline questions).

Aim 2. Build administrative tools that will allow addition of users, monitoring of user progress and generation of reports; and

Aim 3. Develop a framework in which this computer-based version of Puff City can be disseminated to the general public. Replace all of the asthma counselor animations with new animations about calling 211.

Participants +

Anyone with symptoms of asthma and access to the internet

Intervention +

The Puff City program focuses on three areas of health behavior: adherence to controller medications, immediate availability of rescue medication and smoking cessation.

The program was developed in four educational sessions delivered over the internet with each session requiring approximately 30 minutes to complete. Participating youth go to the school computer lab where they don headphones and log into the website. The headphones allow the youth to hear the music, the Puff City DJ and the characters speaking. The sessions provide both normative and ipsative feedback.

Control group participants receive matched time and attention of web-based comupter, self-guided asthma and smoking education.

Puff City II Dissemination

01/01/2010 - 12/31/2010


National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

Principal Investigator:

Christine L. M. Joseph, PhD, MPH