Project Overview +

Hear on the Farm tests the effectiveness of a targeted, interactive website to promote the use of hearing protection devices among farmers in order to reduce noise-induced hearing loss among this population.

Aims +

Contrast the effects of three alternative NIHL-prevention intervention strategies, delivered in various combinations, on HPD use and use-related attitudes/beliefs. The three approaches include:

  1. an interactive website; 
  2. a static informational website; and
  3. sampler of HPDs, i.e., muffs, foam plugs, pre-molded plugs, and semi-aurals.

Participants +

709 farmers who are members of the American Farm Bureau, at least 18 years old, have internet and email access, and are active in production at least 20 hours per week

Intervention +

The study compares five prospective parallel groups receiving three distinct interventions, delivered in various combinations.

The five arms are:

  1. Interactive website only
  2. Static website only
  3. Interactive website and HPD sample
  4. Static website and HPD sample
  5. HPD sample only