Project Overview +

MiMove: optimizing the transition to home after knee replacement surgery. 

Aims +

MiMove aims to support the transition of patients undergoing knee replacement to home. Until recently, many patients at UM were discharged to skilled nursing facilities for rehabilitation, but this number has been reduced significantly due to changes in hospital protocol. While this change has reduced cost without seemingly affect outcomes, little is known about recovery as patients are discharged quickly after surgery. Good functional outcomes depend on participation in rehabilitation, which involve exercises that can be difficult for people post-surgery. 

Participants +

MiMove strengthens the interactions between physicians, rehabilitation providers, and patients through use of the MiMove app where patients will track exercise compliance. 

Intervention +

MiMove leverages Apple's open-source ResearchKit and CareKit projects to help collect and present a patient's progress. Additionally, patient activity can be monitored with data stored in the Health app on their device. Insights gained over time will help inform physicians and researchers on the rehabilitation process. 

MiMove is also an interactive guide for patients and caregivers and provides critical information on how to prepare for surgery, what to expect during the hospital stay, and how to be successful at home post-surgery. 

MiMove: Knee Rehabilitation

05/01/2016 - 12/31/2016

Principal Investigators:

Cathleen M. Connell, PhD
Susan A. Murphy, PhD


Lawrence C. An, MD