Project Overview +

The goal of the study is to collect pilot data on whether a mobile/web-based intervention can increase HPV vaccine coverage among young adult gay and bisexual men.

Aims +


Receipt of one dose of the HPV vaccine


Receipt of second and third doses of the HPV vaccine, change in attitudes and beliefs

Participants +

This pilot study will enroll 120 gay/bisexual/MSM, ages 18 – 25, in the United States.

Intervention +

The intervention is grounded in the following theoretical constructs:

·      Protection motivation theory

·      Self-determination theory

·      Social cognitive theory

·      Transtheoretical model


The intervention includes:


Mobile-responsive website with 4 sections:

1.     Learn about HPV

2.     Learn about the HPV vaccine

3.     Get answers (tailored on subject barriers; knowledge, attitude, logistics)

4.     Get vaccinated (communication skills, tailored financial resources, planning)


Email and/or SMS vaccine reminders

       Lightly tailored on motivation


Printable “Vaccine Plan” summary

·      Recap of vaccine and HPV information

·      Tailored list of motivating factors for getting vaccinated

·      Vaccine goal dates

·      Action steps list

·      Tailored resources

Increasing HPV vaccine coverage among young adult gay and bisexual men

02/01/2016 - 06/01/2017

Principal Investigators:

Annie-Laurie McRee, DrPH
Paul L. Reiter, PhD, MPH