Project Overview +

In 2013, 95 million Americans used their phone as a healthcare resource – a 27% increase from 2012. As the market becomes saturated with competing health apps, it becomes a growing challenge to identify the best and most efficacious applications for patients. Furthermore, the content of these applications is often poorly evaluated if at all and clinicians are faced with the challenge of helping an increasingly engaged patient population connect with the right health information.

The proposed Prescriptive Mobile App will address this problem by giving physicians the ability to prescribe credible content developed by health professionals. This content will be delivered via a mobile application that receives input from physicians and electronic medical records (EMR), resulting in relevant content delivery at the appropriate time during a patient’s journey through the healthcare system. The flow of information will be multi-directional, allowing physicians to review patient interaction with the information and new content recommendations based on the EMR data.

Aims +

To develop a prototype of a configurable and adaptable system of modularized content that can be tailored to each patient based on two inputs: assessment of the physician and data from the patient's electronic medical record (EMR).

An-Prescriptive Mobile App

Principal Investigator:

Lawrence C. An, MD