Project Overview +

This tool will help physicians and patients discuss lung cancer screening and decide whether the potential benefit is worth the potential harms.

Aims +

1) Develop a web-based decision tool with the ability to integrate individualized estimates of screening benefit. 2) Pilot test the feasibility of using this tool in real-world practice.

Participants +

Veterans at risk for lung cancer

Intervention +

A decision aid, aimed at physicians, includes critical talking points about lung cancer screening, including frequency of screening, patient eligibility, and likely benefits and harms for the patient. The tool also includes a pictograph, tailored to the patient's risk level that includes the benefits and harms of screening. A summary page includes a printable report for the patient to take home, as well as a paragraph the physician can copy and paste into an EMR system.

Lung Cancer Screening


VA Medical Center

Principal Investigator:

Tanner J. Caverly, MD, MPH


Angela Fagerlin, PhD
Rodney A. Hayward, MD