Project Overview +

The goal of this program is to help clinicians and their patients address the challenges of individualizing the treatment of breast cancer. The Communications and Dissemination Core's primary goal is to translate key research findings into personally relevant messages for patients and clinicians. We do this by creating 1) an interactive online tool to help patients improve breast cancer treatment decision making, and 2) an interactive website to education clinicians about breast cancer practice norms, patients' experiences, and effective communication strategies.

Aims +

Aim 1: Revise and expand patient decision tool.
Aim 2: Deploy the decision tool and monitor and report on patient usage.
Aim 3: Revise the deliberation tool for future dissemination.
Aim 4: Design and develop a CancerDoctorsLikeMe website to personally tailor dissemination of key research findings to breast cancer surgeons and medical oncologists.
Aim 5: Evaluate surgeons' and medical oncologists' use of the CancerDoctorsLikeMe website.
Aim 6: Prepare the site for future research and dissemination activities.

Communications & Dissemination Core

07/01/2012 - 06/30/2017


National Cancer Institute

Principal Investigators:

Steven J. Katz, MD, MPH
Lawrence C. An, MD