Project Overview +

The objective of the proposed project is to evaluate the feasibility of initiating Puff City in an urban Emergency Department (ED) setting. This proposal will inform a future randomized trial to test the ability of an ED-initiated version of Puff City to reduce the risk of future exacerbations, symptom frequency, and functional limitations among urban adolescents presenting to the ED with asthma.

Aims +

To conduct a pilot study of the Puff City intervention in urban Emergency Departments.

Participants +

Adolescents aged 15-18 years presenting to an urban ED with acute asthma.

Intervention +

We (1) engage ED staff in the development of a protocol for determining eligibility, recruiting and enrolling eligible patients, administering an online baseline survey, and randomizing eligible teens in the ED setting; (2) implement and evaluate the recruitment and enrollment protocol; (3) assess teen and caregiver (parent) post-ED discharge compliance with the pilot study protocol (4 online computer sessions and one 6 month follow-up survey); (3) determine the Internet accessibility of teens and the impact of accessibility on recruitment, adherence to study protocol, and retention; and (4) collectively, use this information to inform sample size, effect size, recruitment rates, refusal rates, and attrition for a randomized trial to evaluate the ability of an ED-initiated, tailored, online asthma management tool to reduce ED visits for asthma among urban adolescents.