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The Center for Health Communications Research offers the CHCR Photobrowser (, allowing easy access to 1,860 high quality digital photographs. The Center is offering free use of this library for non-commercial research.

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Aims +

Share, with other researchers, almost 2,000 photographs that capture an array of emotions in people of varying ages and ethnic groups.

Participants +

20 actors of varying ethnicity, age and gender.

Intervention +

In our research, we create graphics rich health education interventions that are tailored to the individual needs of our users. We often have difficulty finding images that suit our needs, in terms of representing certain target health behaviors or the races, ethnicities, or ages of the participants in our research studies. Our solution: we built our own database of photographs.

The images in the CHCR Photobrowser were produced for Project Quit, a research study by the University of Michigan Center for Health Communications Research (CHCR). In order to individually tailor this web-based smoking cessation program, we hired 20 actors of varying ethnicity, age and gender. Each actor played three archetypal character roles: the Rebel, the Caregiver, and the Self-Made person. While playing each of these characters, the actors responded to scenarios crafted by a Hollywood screenwriter and CHCR staff to elicit 31 separate emotions.

Under the coaching of an Actor's Equity Association director these scenes were captured in high resolution stills by a professional photographer. The result is a unique collection of 1,860 high quality digital images (5 ethnicities x 2 ages x 2 genders x 3 characters x 31 emotions). Based on selections of any/all of these characteristics, simple controls allow easy access to any desired subsets of the collection.

CHCR Photobrowser


Principal Investigator:

Edward W. Saunders, MS